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Second Life Land Plan June 17, 2008

Posted by James in : Land Plans , trackback

There is no any target and mission arranged in Second Life. You can start with buying a 512 m2 land, but only premium members can buy lands. Linden had ever provided a chance named “First Land” for new members in order to sell people who had never owned lands before. It’s a pity that it’s much cheaper but the quantity is limited and not provided now. And if you were choosy about location, don’t waste your time, just go finding your dream land.
According to my experience, the reasonable price of a 512 m2 land which is not particular is about L$9000. Worthy or not? Your own counts..randimg

Here are some points:

1. If you take a liking for a land because of it’s beautiful view. I suggest that you better find out what residents are your neighbors at first, or simply buy the lands in front of your land or just buy them all(if you can afford it and not afraid of being feed). Because some bad guys prefer to raise land price after building ugly things to block your sights.

2. In the beginning, absolutely you don’t have enough Linden cash to buy a land. But don’t worry, Linden will directly charge from your credit card. Moreover, there are some limits for new residents..

3. In order to avoid new resident’s wrong spending. In first seven days after registration, you could only spend US$50. If a land costs L$9000(US$33) per 512 m2, and you want to buy two 512 m2, after you get first one, you have to wait till next week for the second one(becouse of the limit US$50). As a result of this reason, I lost the chance, so a beautiful view just leave me away :(.

4. Except the US$50 spending limit, there is one more US$150 limit in a month, after that the spending limit of first degree is US$2500 per month. That should be enough, if not!? I’m not clear that when you could upgrade to US$10000(Table 1)..

5. When you buy a land with not enough L$ balance, Linden should exchange your credit card to buy L$ first and transfer it to your account then to the seller(notice your blance). It needs a period of time to wait and don’t try again in a hurry, otherwise it cause too much L$.

6. If you own a over 512 m2 land, you should fee to Linden by month(Table 2). If your land over 4096 m2 than 512 m2, you could apply another account, then share your land so that you could save your fee. Besides, you can use the group land plan and you can additionally own 10% fee free of all lands.


(Table 1)

  New Residents Level
0 to 6
7 to 29
1 2
Buy L$ US$50 US$150 US$2,500 US$10,000
Sell L$ US$0 US$300 US$5,000 US$5,000
Purchase US$125 US$250 US$2,500 US$10,000

(Table 2)

Additional Land
(over 512 sq meters)
(In square meters) Monthly land use fee
1/128 Region 512 m2 US$5
1/64 Region 1,024 m2 US$8
1/32 Region 2,048 m2 US$15
1/16 Region 4,096 m2 US$25
1/8 Region 8,192 m2 US$40
1/4 Region 16,384 m2 US$75
1/2 Region 32,768 m2 US$125
Entire Region 65,536 m2 US$195

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1. Chris Moran - June 17, 2008

Nice writing style. Looking forward to reading more from you.

Chris Moran